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Economic indicators have a significant impact on asset prices, commodities, stocks and currencies . In the commercial market and binary options trading , economic indicators have a very important role to play in the form of data collection for traders so that they could determine the future price of the underlying asset .

Economic indicators represent a shift in none of the economic conditions such as gross domestic product ( GDP ) , the value of the currency , inflation, the price of shares in the market and others. Whenever publishing news of the economic situation of a country, the financial markets get the effect in terms of the change in the market value of the currency , stocks and assets and commodities . The best way to get the economic updates through the Internet , which is the fastest way to get such information in all parts of the world .

For trading binary options , an investor must have a clue about the economic indicators and data must be read in order to take the right decision to choose Only 34 the underlying assets or stock . In this way, the bilateral trader can take the help of the right of economic indicators .

Many experienced traders know as a result of economic reports on goods or assets. And are planning to trade and choose on the basis of these reports and can make changes accordingly . The point here is to know the news of economic transformation for traders in all markets which certainly creates a volatile situation . In this way , the market becomes more serious .

However, the economic indicators serve as a guide for the correct data for binary options trading as investors who are more likely to bet correctly by taking the help of tools and strategies binary options. In volatile market conditions , investors can get a huge profit returns for bilateral trading which gives the option to secure the trade when the condition becomes the opposite of what was expected. This option well before overtime is calculated for bilateral trade before the release of an economic report on the financial market , which creates a shift in value, are very helpful.

In the field of bilateral business , and through the use of economic indicators report , the dealer can easily and safely predict the future prices of the underlying asset or commodity at a certain period of time . In the case of the forex market , if the trader invests in a currency pair , if it is necessary to keep an eye on all the indicators that reveal this probably step in value at a certain time .

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Only 34 Review

Only 34 Review Is Only 34 Scam or The Best Binary Options Software in 2013? Learn The Truth in My Only 34 Review Blog Until Buy Only 34 Software and strategies.

As a senior account manager here at Only 34, many customers ask me about the various strategies that can make a profit. Since many people do not have sufficient experience in binary options , I find that review some of the basic things with the customer would help . V
Do not covet – I watch a lot of customers who open a tremendous amount of centers in a single day . It leads to the entry into force of the amount of trades with customers and quickly , but this is severely affected account . Be prudent and realistic about the number of trades that you open . Can not place enough emphasis on this point because it is difficult to comply with. You should see your earnings as a percentage of the balance. In the beginning, you can try to start trading without prior scheme , but after two weeks of trying , it is preferable to start thinking seriously about your expectations and the best way to their inquiry .

Do not be stupid – you know Rule No. 1 first. Of all the rules , this is the most important .

Only 34 - rules too , but it is difficult for the client to be understood . It is very easy breaking them .

Take into account that risk management must be done the right way . Account balance must be a pointer to it, and remember that whenever the balance is less , the higher the risk for each transaction open . For example, a client would be who owns the $ 100 calculated and opens a deal worth $ 20 for the risk by 20%. Only 34 deal worth $ 20 $ 200 calculates the tally means the risk by 10%. The optimal case of exposure to risk when trading by 2 – 3% of the maximum balance .

Not enough trading in the amount of $ 100 . What is the profit you expect to get it by such a low balance . Accounts consisting of $ 100 and even $ 300 appropriate for trading customers have not experienced before. Can the use of such accounts by clients with trading experience in order to experience the platform and verification of the company. But, as I mentioned earlier , your balance is the main factor that will affect your profits. You have to add money to your account, in case you are not happy to earn $ 15 – $ 20 per trading process with a higher than normal risk .

Be serious. This is a market economy. Take it seriously and earn money. Take this into account. What is the difference which Only 34 the amount of $ 500 or more in your life, what would you do with it ? That you consider it as a hobby without the intention to earn money , then this is not the appropriate place for you . We have the local casino in the latest street

To not have a plan . Reflect thinking about what you mean from the company and in your expectations and this easier for you to achieve your goals . And of course I ‘ll help you to reach your goals. Should cover the planned targets in the short term and long term and should include how to reach them . What is the amount of transactions that must be opened ? What is the money invested ? What is a bond ? What is the frequency of open trades ? Must inspect the financial calendar to see when they will be issuing announcements and what is unique . Remember that some ads will have a bigger impact on the market compared with others.

Enjoy . It is important to be serious about this topic, however you enjoy . Enjoy and proud that profit will achieve . There is no better feeling than to earn profits from trading.

Alkorx is Forex – binary options are binary options . There is only a simple similarity between them. Must be separated between the two, and think only of binary options trading when trading binary options. Thought coming from the world of Forex binary options that are as ” bubble ” or ” security zone .” Even some Only 34 Forex traders point to a binary options trading as a gamble. And always made ​​the same answer . Such statements only come from people who do not understand the concept of binary options . Remember that bilateral options different tools and strategies for forex. It is also easy to understand and require less analysis before proceeding with any transaction .

Losses. The losses are part and parcel of the financial trading and although it can not be avoided , but it can be controlled . Only 34 Account Manager will develop a risk management strategy . Make sure to follow this strategy , and to update them to earn money . Learn from a bad deal , try to find out the reasons behind this loss and if it was caused by error perpetrated You . Remember that we learn from our mistakes . Considered every day a new opportunity to learn more .

Account Manager is ready to serve you . Your work together will provide the best opportunity for you to earn profits. We already passed all testing now . Ask your account manager for whatever you want to know. Do not think that the questions that will reduce Heptk . Your success is a common goal for both of us . You want to earn a lot of money and we want to deal with you for a long time . Dealing with you for a few weeks will not help any of us .

I wish you the best in your trading with Only 34 Software.